two Vs three blades: You will go from 2- 23" blades to 3-16" blades. If your lawn is reasonably flat you probably won't see much difference in cut provided the blade tip speed is approximately the same. On rougher lawns the longer blades may show more scalping or unevenness of cut height.
52 in (132 cm) TURBO FORCE deck features heat-treated steel blades and our patented adjustable discharge chute, nothing cuts as fast or as well Super fast 18,300+ ft./min blade tip speed, high-lift, flex-resistant 1/4" thick heat-treated steel blades
Sep 18, 2010 · Since 1998 the 7-Iron mower deck has demonstrated commercial quality, performance, and durability. The 7-Iron II mower deck delivers an even higher-quality cut in even more diverse conditions. The 60-in. and 72-in. 7-Iron II side-discharge decks are suited for trimming, grooming, or other material mowing jobs.
Whether you mow the lawn around your business or home, the Cobalt Zero Turn Mower allows you to get the yard work done quickly, comfortably and beautifully. Plus, a 500 hour oil change interval with the Oil Guard™ System by Vanguard™ (select model) means oil-change-free mowing for up to 5 years*.