This was made with MMD model/motion/stage but rendered in Blender. I used customized shaders for Illya’s hair, skin, dress, and accessories. I’m still learning Blender so if you have tips and suggestions please share :3 . Please check out the amazing artists that created the model/motion/stage:
2017-jan-03 - “To Alice - Deer Cuff Boots ” dem boots wit the fur im on a roll tonight download removed
Re: 【Descarga】 ¡¡Stage para MMD/MMM!! por MaguroTy el Lun 25 Nov 2013, 9:21 am Genial que lo disfrutes este tema es ANTIIIGUO LOL y no hace mucho que me dí cuenta que justo el link de la primera sugerencia lo había puesto mal, sino fuera que quise volver allí no me habría enterado nunca de que el link no estaba disponible (o a no ser ...
Hatsune Miku is a character who belongs to Crypton Future Media, and due to that there are a few extra guidelines you have to keep in mind when you upload pictures or videos with this MMD model. Be sure to read the license before downloading this data. The English license is available here.