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Mar 31, 2015 · With all of the monsters dead, the Navajo deities, or 'Holy People', turned their attention to the making of the four original clans. Kiiyaa aanii, or Tall House People, was the first clan. They were made of yellow and white corn. Eventually other clans traveled to the area round the San Juan River, bring their important contributions to the tribe.
To the Celtic warrior, choosing the Bear as a personal Animal Totem allowed them to draw power for safeguarding the clan or tribe; energizing themselves for battle; strengthening one’s will and personal vigor to endure the “fight;” and pacing one’s self so that it becomes possible to act at the right moment.
/How to Name Animals in the Navajo Language. The Chicken Hawk (Malarrkarrka) Dreaming belongs to the Wuyaliya clan and is the possessor of fire.