s-parameter file using Touchstone format. More information ... ATF54143.s2p file can be downloaded from the Avago Technologies’ Wireless Design Center web site ...
Sonnet provides an easy-to-use tool for presenting S-, Y-, and Z-parameter data in either Smith chart or Cartesian plot format. With Sonnet, you can quickly and easily plot the data from your last run, view intermediate results from an ongoing EM analysis, or display data from any external data file (in Touchstone format).
Tspyx : touchstone strategic trust. Touchstone International Growth Fund Class Y. Touchstone Strategic Trust is a registered with the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission and incorporated in the state of Massachusetts.
Founded in 1981, Touchstone Theatre is a professional non-profit ensemble theatre company based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Read our blogs. Touchstone backstage.